White Balsamic Bottle

French Tarragon

$ 6.50

We begin with our A-Premium White Balsamic and add only all-natural herbaceous tarragon flavor. This balsamic condimento has a refreshing burst of flavor. Tarragon has an intense flavor that is a unique mix of sweet aniseed and mild vanilla and is a key herb in French cuisine.

All Natural – Gluten Free
No Artificial Flavors, Artificial Coloring or Additional Ingredients Added
Pairing Suggestions
  • Blood Orange Olive Oil
  • Cilantro & Roasted Onion Olive Oil
  • Garlic Olive Oil
  • Lemon Olive Oil
  • Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil

      Serving Suggestions

      • Pair with olive oil of choice and make an amazing vinaigrette or marinade
      • Pairs well with fish and chicken
      • Dress fresh julienne carrots with this vinegar mixed with Dijon mustard and one of our fresh extra virgin olive oils
      • Works wonderful in a Bearnaise sauce
      • Drizzle over sliced mushrooms and sauteed shallots


        Ingredients:  Grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites